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What Software Defined Networking (SDN) is all about?

I have been hearing a lot on SDN for quite a long time. There are many articles on the web which talks about it but does not adequately explain what IS SDN really. I finally decided to write on SDN from my perspective. Let’s start with a simple example. We have CISCO Router (I like cisco). I want to check whether my CISCO Router can ping an IP on the Internet. To do this I will carry the following steps: 1. telnet or ssh into the router 2. ping an IP address on the internet ( If I have to do this regularly it becomes a boring thing. What if I can write an Application which can telnet/ssh into my router, then perform a ping and check whether the ping was successful or not? This is where SDN comes into play. SDN allows you to programmatically configure or run commands on your switches and routers. I think that the right word for this should have been Programmable Networks (I have seen this on some networking vendor’s website) To make SDN ha