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LINUX - How do I change swap partition

On the fly: sudo swapoff /dev/hda3 sudo mkswap /dev/hda4 sudo swapon /dev/hda4 For bootime :  after you have run the mkswap, edit the /etc/fstab file and the change the /dev/hda3 line accordingly. SOURCE :

Side-channel attack

In  computer security , a  side-channel attack  is any attack based on information gained from the  implementation  of a computer system, rather than weaknesses in the implemented algorithm itself (e.g.  cryptanalysis  and  software bugs ). Timing information, power consumption,  electromagnetic  leaks or even  sound  can provide an extra source of information, which can be exploited. An attempt to decode  RSA  ... Key bits using  power analysis . The left peak represents the CPU power variations during the step of the  algorithm without multiplication, the right (broader) peak – step with multiplication, allowing an attacker to read bits 0, 1. Side-channel attack. (2018, April 27). Retrieved from