The Five Universal Laws of Cybersecurity Everyone Should Know

Nick Espinosa, cybersecurity expert at Forbes, created 5 crucial laws that "will forever be the immutable universal constants that govern this topic and our existence in relation to it."

Law No. 1: If There Is A Vulnerability, It Will Be Exploited
From sneaking your way out of a tollbooth for free to derailing a nuclear weapon program, finding ways around everything for (for both good and bad) is so ubiquitous today we've have a term for it, life-hacking. Always consider there will always be those people who will try and hack everything.
Law No. 2: Everything Is Vulnerable In Some Way
We've always assumed our computers are essentially safe and harmless. At the beginning of 2018, it was revealed that for decades these workhorses have been carrying a massive vulnerability that could allow malicious hackers to wreak havoc on all of us.
Law No. 3: Humans Trust Even When They Shouldn't
Trust is an essential part of the human existence, but it is our greatest weakness in cybersecurity. Too often people fall for phishing scams, assume that the anti-virus program they bought for $30 will turn their computer into Fort Knox (it won’t) or believe the form they’re filling out is legit (it sometimes isn't). In the world of cybersecurity, trust no one. 
Law No. 4: With Innovation Comes Opportunity For Exploitation
With each innovation and evolution in our technology comes certain exploits. We live in the age of IoT, and by virtue of this, our lives have, hopefully, been made better. According to our past stats, there will always be a vulnerability to be discovered. 
Law No. 5: When In Doubt, See Law No. 1
"Every single law written here comes down to the simple fact that no matter what the concerns or problems are with regard to cybersecurity, they all stem from a vulnerability of some kind. If we ever forget this, we are doing nothing but asking for trouble." Education and knowing these laws will always keep us ahead of the trend.